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Located at the crossroads of innovation, experience and connections.

Grant Communications is a full-service public relations firm focusing on the arts. We provide personalized local, nationwide and international publicity and consulting services to a diverse and exciting roster of artists, musicians, organizations, and foundations ranging from emerging talent to established household names. We specialize in strategic thinking and creative solutions. We develop and execute communications strategies specifically tailored to each client, thoughtfully designed to accomplish the goals of creating and advancing public awareness of each client's unique story and talents, image and activities.  Communicating artists and organizations’ compelling stories in ways that deliver results is our focus.

Founder Laura Grant is a public relations specialist with over two decades of experience in the arts. A creative collaborator, she has successfully strategized, conceptualized and implemented public relations campaigns on the national and international levels to share each client's story, creating public awareness of and promote clients' images and activities in the media, including performances, books, recordings, movies,  radio, tv and in-person appearances.

Before launching Grant Communications in 2006, Ms. Grant worked as a publicist for M.L. FALCONE, Public Relations in New York City where she was responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of long- and short-term public relations strategies for a variety of artists and organizations, securing pieces in major international and national publications (newspapers, magazines and webzines) as well as local outlets, radio, and tv. (She maintains a close friendship with Mary Lou Falcone, who mentored her in the field.) Unique accomplishments included the Magazine Publishers of America's READ poster campaign for the American Library Association for soprano Renée Fleming and promotion of her book, The Inner Voice, published by Viking Penguin (2004) and released in paperback by Penguin the following year, the promotion of flutist/author television correspondent Eugenia Zukerman’s books, and Sesame Street appearances for both Ms. Fleming and violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg. Ms. Grant also worked on press for national / international tours for the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, and the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra.

Ms. Grant also serves as a public relations consultant to The Juilliard School's Artist Diploma Program, working one-on-one with each artist in the program on social media, websites, press materials, and interview prepping.

Ms. Grant’s work is based in Massachusetts and New York when not traveling for her clients.